Jan 11, 2021

Monday…is it time for a Change?

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Happy Monday! Today is January 11, 2021.For anyone that’s into numbers or Numerology for that matter-there’s a whole lot of one’s in today’s date(1/01/2021). If you ready to start a New Year and needed a week to warm up to the notion that things have got to change for the BETTER including an end to this Pandemic, a more peaceful political climate and the notion of getting back to some kind of normal.

Bearing in mind that this is just the beginning I ask you (and myself for that matter) what do I need to do to make this a better year ahead. Things like cleaning out clutter from your closet or organizing different areas of your home may seem mundane and trivial but I am a big believer that when you clean out the clutter and organize your space it provides clarity in your life which usually overflows into all areas of your life.

Sooo here’s a little something to start your week (and your year for that matter). I hope we can collectively embrace a change for the better.


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Jan 8, 2020

Mid Week Motivation

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Just a little something to keep you going mid week.

Happy Wednesday!


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Jan 6, 2020

Monday Mantra #1 of the New Year!

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It’s the first full work week of the New Year and it is my sincere hope that you will live the life of your dreams this year. Be fearless in the pursuit of your own happiness and  take a  step in the direction of what lifts your soul, fills your heart and brings your spirit joy. You are meant for great things so there’s no time like the present to get out and do what you were meant to do to be the best version of YOU.

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Jan 3, 2020

Hello 2020..New Year’s “Intentions”

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Hello 2020.

Celebrating Christmas at my dear friend’s home-Matt Van Dyne.

Everybody ,and I do mean EVERYBODY seems to be basking in the glow of a New Year and  the start of a  whole new decade.  I don’t recall this sort of hoop-la when we transitioned from 2009-2010, but then again there’s something about  saying the year 2020 out loud and  perhaps the association to perfect vision that makes this year so much more special.

So what are your resolutions this year? Have you made any resolutions for the year ahead or are you going with  the latest mantra of setting New Year ‘s “intentions?”

Intention.  That seems to be the buzz word as of late. Most likely because year after year this whole New Year’s resolution  mantra doesn’t really seem to stick for more than a week or two. Whereas, an intention is something you can strive to change or attain in increments. Intentions give you the permission to be mindful of what you want to change but doesn’t make you feel like a failure if you slip up. Soooo let’s make nice (to ourselves) and go for an intention to make our life better.

Here are my  New Year’s intentions for 2020…


1.Grow my blog Change the format, add  sponsors, update technologies.

2.Produce  and mount the musical  I’ve written. It’s been in my SAVE folder for far to long and it’s time to take it from the page to the stage.

3. I’ve  written a book (a comedy about my divorce) and intend to pitch it as a TV show or movie). If all this craziness  during my divorce hadn’t happened to me, it would have been hilarious. (Lawyers dying, Lawyers going into labor 25 minutes before a court appearance,  etc. etc. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg with all the insanity that ensued. I thank God (everyday) for having a comedy gene ensconced in  my DNA. As they say”funny is money”-I sure hope so. My divorce cost me the price of a condo in LA and I wasn’t the one who filed for it in the first place. Hilarious!


Meditate everyday

Have more fun in life.

Continue a healthy lifestyle and perhaps add a new recipe and workout each week to the mix.

Read a book a month

Enjoy life MORE!

I hope you can take a moment before the month gets into full swing and set some intentions for yourself. Wishing you the most wonderful year ahead.




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Jan 15, 2019

Tuesday’s Tip

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