Nov 19, 2010

Weekend-Lanvin Launch!

Posted By: Terri
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In the Fashion Biz.z.z.z. it’s all about timing. So one may be wondering why oh why has H & M decided to launch the Lanvin collection the week BEFORE Black Friday? Well darling Glamour Girl I can break it down in 2 easy words…HOLIDAY RUSH! Those little fahsionesta’s at H & M have one-upped the retailers on Black Friday by jump starting their holiday extravaganza offerings a whooping 6 days before anyone else. The Lanvin launch is one of the biggest coos in the industry to date. H & M: A discount retailer is offering  Couture inspired fashion at prices way…way…way below the customary Couture price(s). It was first stated that al the pieces were under $100.00, but I have done a little research and found out that the prices on the Couture inspired dresses are a bit higher and top out at $300.00.The prices are still a HUGE discount in comparison to the original counterparts that Lanvin garnered “inspiration” from. (And by the term “garnered” I really mean they are basically knock-offs from his original designs-but then again they are HIS designs and at least he has the courtesy to knock off his own collections and not someone else’s).

As we circle back to this weekend and the launch at H & M here is how you may want to “organize” your day-

Prepare your morning coffee-TO GO.

Postpone your 10 A.M. yoga class to at least after 2 PM.

Go directly to your nearest H &M and politely sort through every Lanvin look, selecting as many pieces as you are possibly allowed to take into the dressing room to try on. Only then will you embark on your real “morning workout” of mental gymnastics trying to narrow down how many looks you want to purchase…I warn you ahead of time Glamour Girl that is really going to be a workout because …As designer collections go-this is one of the best. I have first dibs on that FABU zebra trench.

Have a great weekend!

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