Dec 30, 2016

NYE Decor & More

Posted By: Terri
Category: Glamorous Decor



All images courtesy of Whimsy Décor BlogSpot

I don’t know about you BUT I’ve never been one to embrace going out for New Year’s Eve and by “out” I mean to a restaurant or some fancy schmancy place that EVERYTHING will be overpriced, crowded and loud. Not really the way I want to bring in the New Year. Instead I prefer staying in with my closest of friends bringing in the New Year with great food, wonderful conversation and should there be some music all the better. If you’re like me and crave a little less commotion on this night of nights here are a few pics from the Whimsy Blogspot (their a fancy food and events blog  aka great resource) to inspire you should you decide to stay in.

new-year-bottles new-year-s-champagn new-year-table

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