May 14, 2013

Home Office…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Glamorous Decor

Many of us work from home in this day and age. So I ask, what Glamour Girl wouldn’t love an inviting and beautiful work space? If your spending some serious time in your home office wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy your surroundings? People often think you have to spend gobs of cash to have a space that feels rich and inviting but in reality all you need is a desk or table top that “works for you, a comfortable chair and some good lighting. Complete your space with  window treatments (if you have a window) a rug  and some decorative objects that “inspire” you!    It’s easier and much more affordable than you think. Shop vintage stores, yard sales,discount stores like Marshall’s TJ Maxx, Ikea and Home Goods. Have fun with it. You deserve a space that makes you happy and promotes creativity.

 (All images courtesy of Pinterest)

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