Aug 13, 2012

The Olympics Fashionable Finish

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion


Uber Model Kate Moss appears before the Olympic torch  is extinguished. 

Kate Moss is then joined by more uber models all dressed in variations of gold.

Victoria Beckham and her fellow Spice Girls reunited for the event. There is nothing like wearing a designer dress and singing atop a moving vehicle.  (This photo courtesy of Just Jared).

The girl with the best seat in the house: Harper Seven with her Daddy-David Beckham as they arrive to watch Mommy- Victoria sing in designer duds with her fellow Spice Girls.


The Olympics came to a close last night but not before Britian rolled a musical extravaganza highlighting all things British and catwalking some pretty spectacular fashion. Enter Kate Moss (the Super-est of the supermodels) and a bevy of other catwalk  queens and whah lah-you have a fashionable finish. Well done Britain.  

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