Mar 12, 2012

Spring Trend 2012-Give um the Cold Shoulder…

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Here’s  a fashion trend that will certainly “mix it up a bit” if you just give it a go. Ready? Good. Why not try the one shoulder-yes you heard me right. The one shoulder is getting a whole lot of press as of late and for Spring 2012 it seems that the shoulder has become a very fashionable feature to flaunt. As in all things fashion you have options. Options are good. Right. You have the traditional one shoulder look-(that’s certainly self explanatory), the multiple strap look baring only one shoulder or the slit sleeve option which exposes the slightest hint of shoulder and arm. Who knew that the shoulder could be so sensational!!!

Now you may be asking: “Are there any tried and true rules when it comes to sporting a one shoulder look?”   I have only one but I must tell you that I stand firm on this one simple rule…for the love of fashion when you decide to wear ANYTHING with a one shoulder look PLEAZZZE…. I’m begging you-WEAR A BRA! (Preferably strapless or one with strap options). I don’t care if your a double AA cup and flatter than a plate of pancakes, every woman will benefit from wearing a proper bra underneath it all.  You’ll thank me when you look in the mirror and more importantly others will (secretly) thank you when you’re walking toward them. Nuff said



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