Apr 12, 2011

Getting-in at “The Outnet.”

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

If per chance you LOVE designer fashion at outlet prices, (without the parking lot hassle, long lines, and crowded checkouts) then you must click on to www.theoutnet.com. ASAP! The Outnet.com, is celebrating it’s second successful year in business and has decided to reward 2,000 customers with a chance to buy designer items for $2.00. (Yes, you are reading the number correctly-that is $2.00- as in the price for a parking meter for one hour in the city of Los Angeles…but I digress). All you need do is click onto www.theoutnet.com and register. If you’re POPULAR (which is key in this sale and in life for that matter) then you can invite your friends-the more friends you invite to sign up the greater your chances of “getting in” to the sale. Easy…peazy!

Now get going to get in at the Outnet!

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