Sep 27, 2011

Over-Packers Anonymous

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion Humor

The Over Packers Credo:

When in doubt…

Pack EVERYTHING you can’t live without.

Stylist Rachel Zoe arrived at Paris Fashion Week with a total of ELEVEN LAGRE OVERSTUFFED bags plus two carry-ons for a whopping total of 13 bags. It’s just a  hunch but I’m guessing that husband Rodger-who you can see in the background and Baby Skylar (not pictured) had their luggage on a separate cart…  

The Luggage of Karl Lagerfeld photographed at Fashion Week last year.

****Bear in mind that Uncle Karl wears the same uniform everyday.(Black jacket and pants -usually in the form of a dark black jean, white shirt and black tie.)

Pictured below is an editorial from Vogue Italia September 2011, featuring model Jacquelyn Jablonski as the over packer perpetrator. Somehow they make it look so ….fashionable!

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