Feb 3, 2012

Skinny Jeans….

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Paige Denim Skinny Jean at Revolve CLothing $169.99

The skinny jean is NOT going away anytime soon. In fact, retailers are reporting record breaking sales on the skinny jean. Are we surprised…N.o.o.o.

Let’s face it-ANYTHING with the tag of skinny (either before or after the term) is going to get noticed in the fashion biz.. Second of all, simply saying the word SKINNY…(if even silently) will inspire the need to attain said item.

On that note, I thought it best to give you a few fashion tips so that you too can embrace this trend…(even if you’re not as rail thin as Kate Moss-who P.S. by the way has got to be blessed with some of the best “genes” on the planet and probably hasn’t had an orea cookie since she was five years old.)

  1. When picking out a pair of skinny jeans first and foremost is FIT. Make sure they fit comfortably-no pulling at the hip, waist or thigh.
  2. Make sure you can sit down in your skinny jean. (Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many Glamour Girls forget about this little nugget of info when purchasing).
  3. If jeans fit you perfectly everywhere but the waistband-consider investing in a tailor to get a customized fit- it will be money well spent .
  4. Embrace the high heel if you want to make your legs look as long and thin as possible.
  5. Nothing will make you look thinner than monochromatic dressing. If your skinny jeans are black consider black on top in different textures. ( Jennifer Hudson, does this all the time-it’s not just Weight Watchers that’s making her look so good- it’s in the dress code).
  6. If you do carry most of your weight on your bottom half-consider topping off the look with a boyfriend blazer or longer top to elongate your look and soften the visual line break from waist to thigh.
  7. When in doubt-darker colors on the bottom make you look slimmer and brighter colors make you appear larger.
  8. Above all-wear your skinny jean with confidence!

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