May 2, 2009

Ovation/Citation of the week….

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Kate Hudson-Sexy done Right! Ovation!

Kate Hudson-Sexy done Right! Ovation!

Poor Pam Anderson-Sexy-I think NOT!-CItation!
Poor Pam Anderson-Sexy-I think NOT!-CItation!

Just a quick note to Poor Pam Anderson.…


Dear Pam,


It has come to my attention, that the economy is in a recession and from the looks of your recent photo it seems to have taken a terrible toll on your closet.  Poor dear, you can barely afford  bottoms to cover your behind and your tops –little of them that there are – look like that got caught in the spin cycle one too many times and shrunk down to a mere handkerchief.


I will commend you on staying in great shape but perhaps it would be advisable to finally free yourself of the Baywatch wardrobe you acquired 15 years ago and move on to something…how shall I say, more sophisticated, stylish and appropriately sized.


If you don’t have the means to purchase any new items may I suggest that you take 5 or-6 of your current tops and get them to a seamstress so she can sew them together and actually make one blouse that  buttons easily in the front without gapping and covers your belly button. Something that you could possibly tuck into a skirt that is longer than 6 inches or even-(and I know you probably aren’t aware of this clothing item)- some lovely tailored pants.


You can do it Pam-just hang in there! (opps -sorry those were the wrong words for you because you my dear Pamela- have been hanging (out) for far too long.


Just say “Goodbye to Baywatch!”


 Go forth and  be covered.

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