Oct 19, 2020

Let’s talk about …The Leopard Print Pencil Skirt

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Happy Monday. My day started out with a wonderful style question:

What does one pair with a leopard print pencil skirt?

First off-I L.O.V.E. animal print and have a few basic style rules that should help you navigate on how to wear this print to your best advantage:

1. Wear only ONE animal print at a time. Translation. The only time  different animal prints should be paired together is at the Zoo and even then it can get dicey.(Translation) I don’t recommend pairing a leopard print with a zebra print. Choose one print and stick to  that as being your statement piece.

Only wear ONE animal print at a time.

2. Leopard is a neutral.. Feel free to pair your animal print item with just about anything and everything but use restraint. Leopard can be paired with solid colors from black to vibrant hues, stripes, plaids and denim. However, it’s best to choose ONE and make your outfit cohesive.

Plush pairing: Plaid & Animal Print

3. Fit is Key  This rule is the number one mantra for looking chic! Like anything and everything you wear fit is the absolute deal maker or breaker when it comes to looking your best.

4. Faux is the ONLY way to go! I am a major animal advocate so I must say that FAUX is the only way to go when it comes to purchasing animal print anything. Faux animal prints have gotten so high tech they look like the real thing and nobody gets hurt

Top it OFF: A basic white blouse or tee, a beautiful red sweater or blouse, basic black crew, sweater or jacket  or opt out for a tan plan.

Jacket options to layer over animal print skirts  are endless:  Go bright to black, denim and motorcycle styles. All work well just make sure you check proportion for your body type. 

Image Courtesy of Stylish Petite

Footwear: Depending on your look -(sporty, casual, dressy) pair your animal print skirt with  a bevy of beautiful footwear options from sandals to sneakers, flats, pumps and boots .

Image courtesy of Stylish Petite

Image Courtesy of The Savvy Camel

Image courtesy of Ginger Baker

  • For a look of sophistication and elegance: Add a solid color sweater/blouse and coordinating Blazer/Jacket to elevate your look. You could also add pumps to match. However I do love the basic black strappy pointed toe pump.
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Feb 24, 2014

One Perfect Pencil….

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Image courtesy of yourfindereskeepers blogspot

The pencil skirt is not only a wardrobe classic but a stylish staple that  looks good on EVERYONE! The only rule of thumb to make this wardrobe wonder WONDERFUL on you is to check the fit. Make sure it doesn’t pull, bunch, sag or bag and you’ll be in business. If your seeking to find the perfect pencil and it just doesn’t happen-consider purchasing one that fits you smoothly in the hip area and have it tailored to fit. For my complete wardrobe style rules on the Pencil Skirt click onto http://www.gotoglamourgirl.com/2009/07/22/pencil-it-in/

Image courtesy via camirochelle


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Sep 18, 2012

Fall Must Have ..The Pencil Skirt

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Houndstooth Pencil $88.00

Every Glamour Girl (no matter what size or shape) should own at least one pencil skirt! It looks good on everyone-and is so versatile. Dress it up, dress it down -the pencil skirt offers a multitude of fashionable options. 

When purchasing a pencil skirt you need only remember a few basic rules:

1. Fit is KEY!

2. If you find the perfect pencil and it fits at the hip but the waist is to big just have it taken in at your favorite tailor. If it’s tight all over go up a size (and have it tailored to fit).If the label inside bothers you with the stated number that you’re wearing-just cut out the label and tuck it away so you can remember the cleaning instructions). 

3.The best length is either at the knee or just above if you have great legs.

As I sourced the web to  find the perfect pencil I went to numerous fashion sites…but surprise ..surprise who else but the peeps at White House Black Market had the best selection, the most affordable prices ($88.00 for most styles and $78.00 for the uber basic) not to mention fantabulous reviews). So “pencil yourself  in” this fall must have. You’ll be so glad you did! 



Colorblock Ponte Pencil $88.00 (super slimming)


Flocked Dot Pencil $88.00

Tweed Pencil $88.00

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Nov 28, 2009

Wardrobe Staple: The Pencil Skirt.

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Ann Taylor Tweed Pencil on sale: orig $120.00 now $79.00.

First Lady Michelle Obama in the pencil skirt.
First Lady Michelle Obama in the pencil skirt.
Louis Vitton Pencil Skirt Fall 2009
Louis Vitton Pencil Skirt Fall 2009
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Jul 22, 2009

Pencil You In!

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The Perfect Pencil Skirt. Ann Taylor $110.00

The Perfect Pencil Skirt. Ann Taylor $110.00

Here we go! It’s almost the end of July and even though the temp today in SUNNY California is 101 degrees, I am finally ready (and I hope you are)- to talk Fall Fashion 2009-2010.

First up-The Pencil Skirt.

 A fashion staple that will look good on EVEYBODY- promise! All you have to remember are two simple rules to make this fashion item look good and last forever:

Ready? Grab your pencil and take note:

Rule #1: Make sure your pencil skirt fits! Meaning: It should sit comfortably around the waist and glide past your hip to reach knee or just above knee length. Translation:- no pulling, gaping, bunching of fabric at the hip, derriere(bum/booty) whatever you want to call it … or any other area heading down to the knee.  If you need a larger size that will alleviate the gaposis problem then purchase skirt to fit your widest area and have the waist altered to fit you. There is this amazing resource called a TAILOR. A good tailor doesn’t cost a fortune and can alter the waist and length in no time flat.

Rule #2: Optimal skirt length on every woman is just above or at the knee. If it’s to long…..-H.E.M. it.

A good pencil skirt will last a lifetime.


Jason Wu's Fall 2009 Pencil Skirt. Do you think Michelle Obama has this little frock on order? Time will tell.

Jason Wu’s Fall 2009 Pencil Skirt. Do you think Michelle Obama has this little frock on order? Time will tell.


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