Oct 14, 2013

One Perky Peplum

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Jan 30, 2013

One Pretty Peplum

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Keri Russel looks Glamour Girl worthy in this  pretty peplum.

Image courtesy of WhoWhatWearDaily…

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Jan 16, 2013

Peplum Love

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Ted Baker Wool Jacket $385.00

The dictionary describes the Peplum:  as a short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress. So why define what the peplum is? Because it appears that the peplum is going to be sticking around for a few more seasons and if you haven’t had time to embrace this fashion trend yet you might want to consider it when your perusing the sale racks as of late.  The peplum has become a favorite of many Glamour Girls because of  the following factors:

It gives you a waist even if you don’t have one.

If you should have a little bit of a tummy the peplum will hide it faster than you can spell peplum.

It is uber feminine and available in a wide range of price points..

So..when your out and about looking at the latest mark downs or the new spring things-check out the peplum-put it on and you just may find your Peplum Love!

Faux Leather Peplum Tank $38.00

DVF Eon Peplum Sheath Dress $465.00(New for Spring 2013)

All items available @ Nordstroms

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Nov 9, 2012

One Pretty Peplum…

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Tinley Road Vegan Leather Peplum $98.00

Available Piperline.com  


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Mar 16, 2012

Spring Trend 2012-The Pretty Peplum

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Giorgio Armani Spring 2012

The peplum is big for Spring 2012. Peplums are so feminine and  when worn correctly can add shape to your figure in all the right places. The key to making the peplum work for you is by picking the perfect peplum for your individual figure. (Say that last line three times fast)! Here are a few tips and tricks to consider when picking out your peplum:

1. There are two different types of peplums: Fitted and flared. Fitted is the perfect peplum for the hourglass shape. A fitted style cinches in at the waist and accents your curves to the utmost.

A flared peplum is a much more pronounced version and “flares”(hence the term) from the waist. This style is perfect for the woman with hips that are too small in proportion to the rest of her figure.  (Yes-there are actually women out there with hips that are too small).

2. If you’re suspect of sporting this look try a peplum made in a knit or a very flowing fabric. Also consider peplums in a darker color or small print).

3. Peplums that sit higher above the waist (Giorgio Armani photo) are a sneaky way to hide a little extra weight in the tummy area).

4. For all those women that need some extra padding in the bottom half of your figures try a peplum that flares out from the waist.

5. FIT is the absolute key for making this look work for you. There is nothing worse that a peplum that puckers or pulls… because it’s too tight.

 Jason Wu Spring 2012

Yves Saint Laurent  Spring 2012( * This is a flared peplum)

 Loewe Spring 2012 …This is a perfect example of a Fitted Peplum)

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