Nov 30, 2012

So Vogue…So Beautiful

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Nobody does a photo spread like Vogue. NOBODY! As I was flipping through my recent issue of US Vogue I was amazed by the breathtaking  photos featuring the recent nuptials of  Mary Chateris.(I hadn’t a clue who she was but if she’s in Vogue and a wedding pictorial to boot- I’m guessing  she’s either a supermodel, a celebrity that I hadn’t heard of yet or someone marrying a celebrity). It really didn’t matter-what mattered were the photographs.  In my head I could  hear the voice of Candice Bergen’s character saying to  to SJP (playing Carrie Bradshaw in SATS1)..”Carrie think of it:  Vogue photographers, Vogue airbrush, Vogue make- up, Vogue styling..nothing could be better.” I know the words were in the movie but they certainly ring true in real life.. I give you Exhibit A!

The wedding of Mary Chateris most recently featured in Vogue

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