Aug 5, 2010

The Ann Taylor Diet Plan!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Recent Ann Taylor Ad

Ads for Ralph Lauren & Ann Taylor

It seems that our darling Ann Taylor, in her quest to update and revamp her once mundane look has been drinking the “kool-aid” of high fashion houses everywhere and is now promoting picture perfect bodies. (And by picture perfect-I mean a body only attainable through the use of Photoshop or an extraordinary gene pool).  This is not the first time that Ann has been cited for downsizing her ads, (see apology written to I have come to really love the new and improved fashions at AT, and to be completely fair the entire fashion and beauty industry, not to mention Hollywood, project images that have been airbrushed, and Photoshoped within an inch of their life, BUT as your friend in fashion and glamour I am here to remind you gorgeous Glamour Girls everywhere that ALL OF IT is an illusion..(and unless you are a magician or possibly dating David Copperfield it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to look that PERFECT!

I urge you to go forth and enjoy paging through your fashion magazines, catalogs and scanning the web for all things fashion – but just remember: nobody and nothing can look that slim or smooth unless you’re a new wand of lip gloss. Kisses Glamour Girls!


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