Apr 29, 2011

Royal Wedding-“Inside Scoop”

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The Royal Wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Elegant, Sophisticated and Regal! Kate now Princess Catherine and Prince William were the essence of composure. Given the chance-we would all love to hear the up- close and personal thoughts that they were having. Since we’re not privy to the inside scoop-let’s (just for fun) take a stab at what was being said…


Prince William sayig to Kate; ‘Sorry about the long aisle-it’s a “family” thing. Kate says-no problem Dad & I put on the pedometer and made it down in 4 minutes flat.

Prince WIlliam:”The music is so loud-I lost my place in the program? Catherine smiling back saying..”Me too!”
Prince WIlliam saying to Kate: “I think it’s almost over then…P.a.r.t.y…….

Prince WIlliam: "Phew...we made it-Let's go for a carriage ride."

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