Jun 23, 2011

The $4.6 Million Dollar Dress….

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Last weekend in Beverly Hills there was a very impressive yard sale. Well…to be clear-it really wasn’t a yard sale at all but instead an auction offering some of the most impressive Hollywood costumes and memorabilia formerly collected and owned by the delightful actress Debbie Reynolds. Ms. Reynolds had been an avid collector since her days as a young actress at MGM. Through the years she had amassed some of the most legendary costumes in Hollywood film history with the hopes of eventually opening a museum to house and exhibit her collection… BUT it was not meant to be and somewhere along the line the whole idea went bust. Poor Debbie needed to liquidate her collections to raise money and pay back the initial museum investors. Fast forward to last weekend and the  “Profiles in History” auction  of Debbie’s Hollywood memorabilia. The most profitable item to be auctioned was the Subway Dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.  The dress sold for 4.6 million …add on taxes and fees and the total sale adds up to a cool $5.52 million.  Not bad for a dress that was made in 1955.  There will be second auction of items from Ms. Reynolds collection in December of this year. .

Audrey Hepburn's Ascot Dress ($923,187.00 SOLD)

Other costumes sold by auction house Profiles in History included:

– Judy Garland’s blue cotton dress used in test shots for “The Wizard of Oz,” $910,000 (estimate: $60,000-$80,000)

– Grace Kelly’s rose crepe outfit from “To Catch a Thief,” $450,000 (estimate: $30,000-$50,000);

– Marlon Brando’s elaborate coronation costume from “Napoleon Bonaparte,” $60,000 (estimate: $60,000-$80,000);

– Claude Rains’ ivory military suit from “Casablanca,” $55,000 (estimate: $12,000-$15,000);

– Elizabeth Taylor’s brown period dress from “Raintree County,” $10,000 (estimate: $10,000-$15,000);

– Madonna’s black evening gown and shoes from “Evita,” $22,500 (estimate: $4,000-$6,000);

– Mike Myers’ swinging ‘60s blood-orange outfit from “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” $11,000 (estimate: $6,000-$8,000).

– Natalie Wood’s real-life high-school graduation dress, $4,250 (estimate: $2,000-$3,000).

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