Apr 20, 2011

Where is Project Runway Season 9?

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Where-oh-where is Project Runway Season 9? I have searched the globe (well..maybe not the ENTIRE globe… but the entire internet) and have only come up with these very few snip-its of info:

Project Runway sent out audition notices to anyone who wanted to be considered for Season 9. The deadline for return entries was marked April 15, 2011.

Rumor on the web has it that Nina Garcia is to busy to return and “fierce” past Project Runway Winner and now successful designer   Christian Siriano will be taking her place?

Projected airing of Project Runway Season 9 could start (somewhere between June and July 2011) Gosh-that seems like an eternity.

P.S. Between you & I &Parsons Design -I wish they would head back to Bravo..Lifetime seems to be putting a pin cushion in this show. Not half as fun as it use to be…

Finally….What I wouldn’t give to hear Tim Gunn say: “Make it work” Lifetime Channel …Are you listening?!

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