Feb 17, 2019

Self Care Sunday’s

Posted By: Terri
Category: Beauty

Self Care Sunday’s has suddenly become a “thing” and I would like to thank the genius who originally coined the term and got the whole ball rolling on this concept.

Way back when (if anyone can remember) Sunday was deemed as a day of rest-dating back to a biblical reference. Yet somehow, that mantra has gone by the way side and we have become obsessed with using Sunday as a catch up day to complete everything we didn’t quite get to during the week. (If this resonates with you -raise a hand. Present company is included..so don’t for a minute feel guilty.

For the good of our mental health and in a collective quest to enjoy this wonderful life we’ve been given here are a few suggestions to try on your “Self care Sundays”

Let’s start with the number one rule for unplugging: Limit time on all social media to a bare minimum.

Choose from any on of the following to aid in relaxing:

Take a walk (outside) 

Take a bubble bath. 

Listen to some beautiful meditation music.

Read a book (remember books).

Book a mani pedi or give yourself one.

Get a massage/a facial or heck why not check into a spa for the entire day.

Deviate from your diet and enjoy something really decadent. Savor every bite.

I hope you’ll take time to take care of YOU. Have a beautiful relaxing Sunday.

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Jan 6, 2012

Tie One On!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Victoria's Secret Short Fleece Robe $49.50 Sale: $39.50

Oscar de la Renta Velvet Robe $98.00O Sale:$64.90 Nordstrom

┬áIn an effort to catch up on some much needed down time, I thought it might be nice to highlight a few fabulous finds for lounging around the house. Keeping in mind that most of us are experiencing cooler temps at this time of year… what better way to keep warm and cozy than a luxurious velveteen or fleece robe. The best news of all-they’re on SALE.

Betsy Johnson Short Hooded Microfleece $69.00 on sale $45.90 Nordstrom

Victoria's Secret Thermal Robe $59.50 Sale: $39.99

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