May 28, 2013

Fashion Flash-Rent the Runway

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Do you know about Rent the Runway? If you do- you most likely LOVE IT! If not…then we have a fashion flash for you. Finally, someone was wise enough to come up with a rental service that you can find FABULOUS dresses for everything from black tie to barbecue. Rent the Runway is a one stop shop for gowns, dresses and jewelry. All  items area available at a  fraction of what you would pay retail and the company makes it easy breezy to rent. You order your item,they ship it to you in your desired  size (in clean and immaculate condition) and you send it back within four days after wearing. Done.End of story. They have a bevy of beautiful gowns to choose from and it is AFFORDABLE. Check it out…

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