Dec 2, 2014

DIY…Rhinestone Wreath

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion tips

Ready for a little DIY-it’s easy peasy…promise.

1. Gather all your rhinestone pins. * If you don’t own any then I have no idea what you have been doing with yourself-just kidding. Plan B would be to go to Michaels or any craft store and pick up some rhinestone pins or items that are sold separately and are super-duper affordable.

2 Purchase a small circular wreath form (also available at a craft store) and pin items close together. If you are using rhinestones not attached by a pin then break out your handy glue gun and glue the back of the rhinestone piece to the wire form.

3.  Take some satin ribbon and make a bow. Attach with glue run or wiring. 

Done and Done.

rhinestone wreathImage courtesy of media

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