Sep 20, 2009

The September Issue….

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The September Issue- The Movie! A must see!!!!

Ten things you will learn from watching this 90 minute fashion extravaganza about the making of Vogue’s largest most anticipated issue of the year.

•1.     Grace Coddington is the absolute genius behind some of the most amazing fashion spreads in Vogue. The woman has an incredible eye for how to tell a story in one picture with fashion. The next time you are flipping  through the pages of Vogue-and  when you come across a fashion spread that looks like a picture that could hang on a wall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art-10 out of 10 times it’s styled by Ms. Grace!

•2.     There are edits and re-edits and never ending arbitration on how the “book” (code word     for magazine) turns out.

•3.     There are so many people to please in fashion-some of which know nothing about fashion at all.

•4.     Andre Leon Tally is a hoot!

•5.     Oscar de la Renta is organized, prepared and totally buttoned up-professionally speaking.. John Galliano is not! Bottom line-that’s why it’s called a creative process-some process quickly-some…. not so much.

•6.       Anna Wintour is very serious about what she does. BUT her daughter seems to be well adjusted…so maybe there are two Anna’s. Focused no nonsense Anna at work and perhaps loving Anna at home-well at least we can hope.

•7.     Coffee is the “food” of choice…for all those working at Vogue.

•8.     Everyone looks tired at Vogue

•9.     Everything is retouched! So quit beating yourself up that you don’t look perfect. Neither do celebrities, models or anyone else between the pages of any magazine in print!

•10.   Clothing is Art.


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