Mar 3, 2014

Kristen Bell-Behind the Scenes…

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Kristen Bell in Roberto Cavalli

It’s something that we’ve always known but bears repeating.Glamour Girls out there that feel you  can’t look as perfect as celebrities-always remember  this one important point:

It takes a Village.

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Feb 29, 2012

One Pretty Print….

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Here’s you mid week moment of Fashion Zen…

I absolutely LOVE this gorgeous print in a  Roberto Cavalli creation for Spring. We can learn allot from Roberto when it comes to a vibrant print-keep the silhouette simple and let the print speak for itself…

This dress says it all in one word…


Dress available at
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Aug 10, 2011

Roberto Cavalli is “Spot On” For Fall 2011

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Let’s take a poll shall we. What fashion designer comes to mind as the “Grand Master of Animal Prints???” Did you say Roberto Cavalli? Then you my dear Glamour Girl were SPOT ON!!! The Roberto Cavalli Look book for Fall 2011 is out and it’s filled to the brim with one look after another  of  animal prints. Nobody  but nobody does the cheetah,leopard,zebra print trifecta better than Roberto Cavalli…Enjoy!  

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Oct 6, 2010

Cavalli Canine Creations

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Roberto Cavalli has expanded his fashion empire to include the latest in “daywear for dogs.” Not too long ago I also dabbled and designed a canine creation for my darling English Bull Terrier named Doozie. (Think Target dog without the red  bullseye ). I sewed a sporty red fleece coat with black braid trim and vintage Chanel button closure. SO CUTE!!! (P.S.-my sister thought I was nuts designing clothes for my canine). Obviously great minds and animals lovers think alike because Mr. Cavalli, has brought out some great designer duds for the dogs! A master with the use of animal prints in his high fashion line for women,  Cavalli brings a sense of fun and whimsy to his canine line. No bones about it..Cavalli Canine Creations for our four legged creatures are spot on!

Cavalli Perfect Puffa Jackets


Cavalli Haute Hoody


Cavalli “Boxer” Shorts


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