Mar 1, 2011

Sandy for Oscar Host 2012!

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Dear Oscar,

Hi! Listen…loved your telecast on Sunday night. The stage design was sublime, the music-lovely, the gowns-gorgeous…Really, the whole thing was “Heaven.” I especially loved seeing Billy Crystal back on stage in a sort of “suito hosing bit” and absolutely adored the last presenter to announce: Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role-done so perfectly by Sandra Bullock……Which brings me to my point.

I think it would be a  BRILLIANT move to have Sandra Bullock as the sole Oscar Host for 2012. I have checked her credentials and Sandy  has  what it takes!: Let me share with you a little inventory (if I may) of why I feel Sandy is uniquely qualified to host the Oscars 2012.

Previous Employment:  Experience as an Actress, Comedian, Entertainer or combination of any of the above mentioned: Sandy has  numerous years of experience in all of the above listed  categories.  

Solid Roots in the Entertainment Community: Sandy is well known and liked in the entertainment industry. Everyone including  Actors/Producers/Directors and Crew love Sandy and how couldn’t they. Sandy was  known for bringing coffee to the crew on many of her movies..(and this is before she made Miss Congeniality). I’m just sayin…the girl has kindness and character in her corner.

Comedic Timing and Quick Wit: Did you see Sunday’s telecast when she came out and addressed each of the nominees for Best Actor???? Check, check and check.

Pleasant personality and appearance:Let’s face it- TV is a visual medium and viewers want something pleasurable to look at for 3 solid hours. No problem for Sandy. She carries herself with the utmost grace (case in point-that whole Jesse James debacle-the girl has class). As far as the outfits in which Sandy will wear, might I suggest using American Designers to provide gowns for Sandy during the telecast. Designers like: Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Michael Kors…-it could be a great boost to the economy and benefit the advancement of  American Design.

As you can see Sandra Bullock would be a Fantabulous Host for next years Oscars..I highly suggest you give her agent a call ASAP.She is quite busy and books up months in advance. I myself will be starting a  “Sandy for Oscar Host  2012 Campaign” via twitter, facebook and if I can be of any further assistance in bringing this to fruition witht  the Academy, please feel free to contact me via email, facebook or twitter. 

Thank you!

Go To Glamour Girl….


Sandy as Oscar Host-A Perfect Match!

 ***Feel free to comment and cast  your vote for Sandy on GTGG.




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Mar 8, 2010

Oscar Fashion Final Thoughts!

Posted By: Terri
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Sandra Bullock-Oscar worthy! The Marchesa dress is Divine. I would have liked her hair and make-up to be a bit softer BUT everyone loves Sandy and you can't help but see her beauty -inside and out!

Queen Latifa-FLAWLESS!!!
Elizabeth Banks-amazing.
Helen Mirren-Proof that age is not a factor for looking gorgeous!

Sarah Jessica Parker-Couture Chanel-On SJP it works! The hair -the dress-the shoes-the bangles.

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Aug 28, 2009

This weeks Citation/Ovation August 23-29.

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Citation: Sandra Bullock. Honey it's not you it's the dress. On second thought maybe it's you-" a little bit"-What happened to your hair?

Citation: Sandra Bullock. It's not you it's the dress. On second thought maybe it is a "little bit you." Honey, what happened to your hair?

Ovation: Eva Longoria Parker
Ovation: Eva Longoria Parker Simple.Chic.Elegant!
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