Jan 22, 2010

Fashion for a Friend!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

We all have one. You know who I mean. That one girlfriend who we just adore even though she seems to roll out of bed and without a thought, reaches for some Vintage Chanel jacket, or  Christian Louboutin Shoes or Dolce and Gabbana Fabulousness and zips out the door in nothing flat-looking so utterly put together you reconsider buying the French Vogue on the newsstand and instead snap a photo of her with your blackberry. Let’s face it the girl has more designer names in her wardrobe  than the closet at Vogue. She is also the same girlfriend who eats whatever she wants and has remained a size 0-2 ( since she was 16 –and yes she is now over 30)…-BUT, we love her all the same.  That friend of mine would be named Penny and I write this as an homage to her for all her support, both blog reading and otherwise.  To that end, I have captured an item I have a feeling she will be sporting in the near fashion future. I came across this amazing designer on Sea of Shoes blogspot and it is right up Penny’s designer alley. Penny loves spiders but I figured the rhinestone “one of a kind” French Designer  Octopi adorning a vintage 1994 Chanel Jacket would fit the bill. Enjoy, and take note: Having a “very fashionable friend” always gives us something to aim  for!

Amazing One of a Kind Jewelry by French designer Hanna Bernard

*Photo courtesy of Sea of Shoes Blogspot

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