Nov 1, 2010

Project Runway’s Mondo Mistake!

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It has taken me 5 days to get over the shock of Gretchen winning Project Runway.  I am still scratching my head trying to figure out  how the peasant looking, monochromatic, blah and boring collection won over  that of Andy and more importantly Mondo!   

I have gone through numerous scenarios trying to make sense of this Mondo Mistake: Is Gretchen shacking up with Michael Kors??… (No, he’s Gay). Is she courting Nina Garcia??? (No, she’s straight). Is it the downsized economy affecting the judge’s opinion that people have no money and want to look that way??? 

Clearly, Mondo’s collection was innovative, fresh, inspiring-all qualities that seem to indicate a designer genius on the rise. But low and behold Nina claims Gretchen’s collection is indicative of what is going on now. Well Nina “what is really going on” is-YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND! And…Michael Kors-shame shame-I know you stand by the American Classics of design, but could you stop for a moment and embrace a unique and astoundingly colorful point of view. Mondo mixed patterns and texture and color better than Picasso.  Mondo should have won and if not him then Andy. Quite frankly Michael Costello should have been in the top 3 to start. As Heidi says: “One day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” In this case” the verdict is “out” until the public starts purchasing  a designers fashions. 

My money is on Mondo!

Mondo’s Beautiful Bubble Dress


Andy’s Metal Fringe Dress


Gretchen’s first look
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