Jun 14, 2019

Meet Sebastian Grey

Posted By: Terri
Category: Designer Spotlight
Project Runway Season 17 WINNER-South Florida Designer Sebastian Grey

Sebastian Grey-remember that name. Sebastian just won Season 17 of Project Runway and I have a feeling his path will mirror that of a previous winner named Christian Siriano. Christian has gone on to great success in Fashion and I have no doubt that Sebastian will follow a similar path.

Originally from Columbia, Sebastian came to America to pursue the American Dream. He had a vision to be a designer and make beautiful clothes Until winning Project Runway Season 17, Sebastian made a living cleaning homes and designing in his spare time. Clearly gifted and unbelievably creative with a vision, hard work and design skills that hedge on being “couture worthy” his days of cleaning houses have ended. Winning Project Runway not only allows him the freedom to finally have the money to design and market his own line of clothing but establish his brand in the industry. I have a feeling we’ll all be clamoring to wear his creations in the very near future.

A sampling of some of Sebastian’s previous designs on Project Runway.

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