Dec 12, 2013

Great Gifts to Give and GET!

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Pottery Barn Gold Plated Cheese Knives (set of three)


Pretty Personalized Bracelets from Bauble Bar..

Glamour Girl Gift Guide Part One…

Did you ever notice that as we get closer to Xmas our mind  literally starts to go numb when we are out shopping. I think it’s due to stimulation overload. There’s a whole lot happening in the mall. Bells are ringing, people are singing (well not ACTUALLY singing more like screaming for a sales clerk to ring them up, and everyone is hustling and bustling -(it’s no wonder that our mind goes blank), We stop to ask ourselves: “Now, why am I here again and who am I buying WHAT for???? To that end, I do  have a few suggestions for items to order online just  in time for the holiday…All you need do is click on the pic and whah-lah you will be directed to the item. Easy peasy!

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Or click on this link:

 Happy clicking!


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Aug 4, 2013

Marc Jacobs latest launch…

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You know you love him… who am I referring too? Well, Mr. Marc Jacobs of course. Mr. Jacobs has been one busy bee and besides designing his always amazing line of apparel he is branching out  with a make up line available at Sephora starting August 9th. As in all things that Mr. Jacobs puts his name on-it is fabulous with a bevy of beautiful shades at affordable prices.


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Nov 16, 2011

The Motherload of Makeup….

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 Inside the Sephora Make Up Studio  S49.50

Each and every holiday season you can find a wide selection of holiday make-up kits available. Not to be outdone by anyone else in the Make-up Universe Sephora is usually numero uno when it comes to the motherload of make-up kits. This year Sephora has done it again with a massive 193 item Make-up Studio..available for a limited time and of course while quantities last for a mere $49.50 If that doesn’t “color you happy”…..then nothing will! Enjoy!

TheSephora Make-up  Studio contains…

96 eye shadow shades
– 84 shiny lip glosses
– 6 cream eyeliners
– 2 eyeliner pencils
– 3 blushes
– 1 bronzer
– 1 mascara

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