Nov 28, 2017

Tuesday Tip-Be Heeled.

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O.K,.MAJOR disclaimer. I can’t take one ounce of credit for the following information but when I came across this article that touts determining heel height and COMFORT, I have to share it with you my wonderful readers ASAP. Bearing in mind that all things concerning fashion and style are of utmost importance, what could be more life changing than being able to determine if your high heel purchases are going to be comfortable prior to purchase!

Thanks to the peeps at She I  share their 2 second trick to determine if your heels are going to be comfortable . I mean seriously….2 seconds. I’m in and so will you be after reading this: Enjoy!

Image courtesy of She

Buying new heels is always dicey. Especially if you buy them online or can’t try them on in the store–you have no idea of knowing whether they’ll be the most comfortable shoes in the world or if they’ll be horribly painful and wreak havoc on your feet. Some shoes that you assume would be comfortable, like low heels or wedges, can turn out to be the worst culprits. You just never know! Or–that is, until right now when I’m going to drop the most amazing truth bomb on you: there is a way to tell if heels are uncomfortable just by looking at them. This 2-second trick is a game changer and every shoe lover should know it.

What is it? It’s all about the distance from the sole to the heel. The longer the distance (ideal: 3cm or greater), the more comfortable the shoe will be. As Glamour points out, this is because this distance dictates the pitch (read: incline) of the shoe. The shorter the distance (2.5 cm or less), the higher the pitch and the more weight that’s transferred to your toes. Ouch!

So, when buying new shoes in store, ask the salesperson for a tape measure and actually measure this distance. You will get an immediate read on whether they’re comfortable or not. (Don’t forget to ask if they run true to size, wear them around the store for as long as possible, and order your exact size).

If you’re ordering online and can’t psychically measure the shoe, what you can do is measure your computer screen and compare it to other heels on the same site. The heels with the longer distance from heel to sole will be more comfortable, and the heels with the shorter distance should be avoided.

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