Feb 17, 2021

Let’s talk Shoe Storage

Posted By: Terri
Category: Closet Organization

Today’s topic is one near and dear to my heart…shoe storage.
In my humble opinion…you can never have enough shoes or for that matter ways to display your perfect pairs of pumps. Full disclosure.. I’m am a major shoe addict and I have a feeling I have allot of company.

Shoe storage is key when it comes to organizing one’s closet. If you’re a shoe hoarder-there is absolutely no need to be ashamed because when all is said and done I’m a firm believer that when it comes to shoes –you don’t have a shoe problem you have a storage problem. Tee He. There are oodles of  shoe storage solutions for your closet  if you happen to be short on space, I’ve highlighted  a few fabulous solutions to get you organized and free up some space for….more shoes.


Positioning is everything…Easy to find and view heel height when you display in this simple way.

“Raise the bar”-Install bars on the back of your closet doors or purchase already assembled hanging bars over the closet door.

A Picture is worth a 1000 words * Photograph your shoes and post on front of storage box to find in a moments notice.

Soerreo Shoe Storage Slots (Amazon) 10 pieces for $16.39

Bed Bath & Beyond Madison Park Sasha Round Ottoman $102.99 (additional colors available)

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Oct 28, 2019

Sensational Shoe Shelving

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Category: Glamorous Decor

I have a sneaking suspicion that you and I have more than a few things in common. ( How do I know this..Well, I’m not a psychic but if you’re reading my blog you most likely have a hankering for fashion).  

For instance..if I were to guess…You probably own a “number (usually in the double digits)  of very pretty shoes that one might even consider “Works of Art.” Now,  I’m not proposing  that these pretty shoes be put in a  museum, absolutely not (beautiful shoes are meant to be worn) BUT, if you happen to be needing some additional storage space for these “Oh so special & pretty pairs” I have a little DIY solution for you  today.

I have uncovered not one but two creative ways to display and store shoes that are  DIY- doable  and assembled with materials that are easy to find!

If you’re looking for ways to display your prettiest pairs or just need some wall art..this might just do the trick.


 *Image courtesy of Allaboutvignettes blogspot

Small entrance table and frame molding cut up/painted white/ mounted and arranged on the wall. Whah lah..wall art & shoe storage all in one! 

Image Courtesy of HomelySmart

**Shelf doesn’t have to be made of wood! Even books can do the same! This wall is awesomely decorated with shelves made of book to display an array of stylish footwear. What’s great is that making them is not that hard at all. You can use L-brackets as the base to secure the book. Make sure the book pages is glued tightly so they won’t be flipping around when the wind blows. You can also spray coat the exterior with protective coating to protect its surface.
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Feb 21, 2014

Two words-Shoe Storage!

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Category: Fashion


Courtesy of Effortless Style.com

What Glamour Girl doesn’t love her shoes?  The only problem one may have with owning numerous pairs of footwear is how do you display them all. Here are a few ideas for shoe storage that really amps up the display quote by a notch or three. Oh.h.h.h. how we love our shoes.

Closet of Annie Brahler/courtesy of Barbiedreamhouseblogspot.com

Image courtesy of lovedailydose.com



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Feb 6, 2013

Spectacular Shoe Storage

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Category: Fashion

Shoes “Under Glass”

Show of hands. How many of you LOVE your shoes? I don’t even have to count because I KNOW that question is a resounding YESSSS from everyone. Shoes are the one wonderful fashion item that will fit even if we go up or down a few pounds, are puffy or bloated and look good even if we are having a BAD hair day. Oh how we love our shoes. Now the only conundrum is how to store our one heeled wonders. Here are a few examples of shoe storage that I think might inspire you.

Loaded Ladder in the closet of Brooke Shields

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Aug 14, 2012

Two Words-Shoe Storage…

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Category: Closet Organization

Image courtesy of Lucky Magazine

There are oodles of ways to store our beloved shoes:box -um, stack -um,pack- um or display them..

Here are just a few  suggestions to keep your heels happily harbored.

Tamara Mellon  (co-founder of Jimmy Choo)

“Sitting pretty” with her shoes


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Jan 10, 2011

A Clear Solution for Shoe Storage!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Closet Organization

 Did you vow to Clean out your Closet this year?

Well dear Glamour Girl I am here to help you with a step by step easy peezy process. First and foremost our goal is to have a closet that we can FIND everything and make it a snap to get dressed. When the occasion presents itself and we have to be up and out the door in a matter of minutes… the well organized closet will absolutely be your BFF for getting Glamour worthy faster than you can say “stiletto.” Since I am mindful that in most cases you will not attempt this massive overhaul in a day I thought best to start from the ground up… (we are talking footwear). Shoes, boots, sandals,high heels, kitten heels …you get the point. We have to have order when it comes to our beloved shoes… not only because they represent approximately 70% of your salary but as you know the shoe will always fit! (Doesn’t matter if you’re retaining water weight, feeling a little sluggish or struggling to get rid of the last bits of “holiday happy” you consumed) – A great pair of shoes can always make a look.

So here we are step Numero uno: Go and purchase CLEAR shoe containers. They are the number one best item to store your shoes  and they are available at  all different price points. If you want a clear shoe box for  $1.00 a piece -check out the dollar store…If you have a bit more $$$ to plop down, go to any number of container stores/ shoe emporiums or GOOGLE clear shoe box and you will have a bevy of products to peruse.

* Addendum-If you  have a  built in shoe rack(s)  omit  clear shoe box alternative unless you own so many pairs that you don’t have enough rack space and must store seasonal shoes……


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