Apr 14, 2011

Sensational Shoe Sketches for Kate!

Posted By: Terri
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Time is ticking away to the BIG DAY for Kate Middleton. Let’s face it, unless you  elope  or can afford  to have everything done for you  (including the decision making process on who, what and where…)weddings are  a celebration  and coordination of monumental proportions.

Imagine then if you will, that your wedding will be telecast to BILLIONS, and what you choose to wear on your special day will be scrutinized to the tenth degree-not to mention that it will probably end up on display in some museum for decades to come. No pressure. Right!

THE DRESS  that Kate will  select  for her wedding day has been the MAJOR fashion buzz for weeks on end. Yet, there is little mention of what shoes Kate will choose to wear as she walks down the aisle.  Every Glamour Girl, worth her salt knows that the shoe can really make or break the whole ensemble. Have no fear –Kate is being deluged with numerous offering from a bevy of beautiful designers. I don’t know how Kate will decide, but one thing is for certain: It’s got to be a very sketchy situaiton.

Sketch by Georgina Goodman


Sketch by Casadei


Sketch by Renee Caovilla


Sketch by Manolo Blahnik


Sketch byGiuseppe Zanoti
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