Sep 10, 2009

Reading Anna Wintour…..Mission Impossible.

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The September Issue opened August 28th in New York, BUT the rest of us in assorted locations like Los Angeles have had to wait until September 11. Finally!! The wait is over.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing the whole back story of putting together Vogue -(the official Fashion Bible)- I must get this pet peeve off my wonder bra’s chest.

Ms. Anna Wintour- Could you please join the rest of us this evening and TAKE OFF your sunglasses? If Sienna Miller can stand the flashing bulbs blinding her, then darling so can you. It might even make you appear to be more approachable…Oh, you don’t like approachable…well then stand behind your “shield of Shades.” and I’ll just try to read your personality from your mood ring.

September 11-The September Issue opens Nationwide!
Sienna Miller and Anna Wintour
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