Aug 2, 2011

Time to “Brush Up!”

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion tips


This is Sonja Kashuk. She is an amazing make-up artist who just so happens to market a line of VERY AFFORDABLE make-up brushes favailable at TARGET. 


Sonja designs  QUALITY make-up brushes that are uber fabulous. Now you  won’t have to spend a fortune to apply your make-up correctly. This seven piece set is available for $24.99.

This five piece set is perfectly priced at (wait for it) $14.99! Yes… you are reading that right and now you must admit there is no reason whatsoever to NOT own a set of quality brushes. If you already broke down and bought a very pricey set for at-home use, consider owning a second set to carry in your purse for touch ups. Let’s “face it” summer heat can wreck havoc on your make-ups staying power…

What have we learned today:

Every Glamour Girl should own at least one set of make-up brushes.

A good set of brushes need not break the bank

We love Sonja Kashuk….. (Told you so!)  


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