Oct 23, 2014

Sophia Webster & J. Crew Collab= Shoe Heaven

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How does that saying go? “If it’s not broke than don’t fix it.” Well that would certainly be the case when it comes to the design talents of Sophia Webster (uber fabulous British shoe designer with her own line of shoes who FYI began her career under Nickolas Kirkwood) and J. Crew.

Wayyyyy back in Spring 2014 the first collaboration between J. Crew and Sophia Webster debuted-can we say “sold out” faster than you can click your heels together. So another collaboration followed for Autumn 2014 and you know where this is going-another gorgeous collection-another sell out.  So it’s really no surprise that J. Crew and Sophia Webster have embraced the idea of a Holiday Collection and right on cue the line is available as are most things for holiday-RIGHT NOW. The line consists of 7 styles in a variety of patterns, colors and designs. Price points range from $320.00 to $695.00 and can be purchased online and in select stores including London, New York and Hong Kong. 

Eva T-Strap $595.00

Each and every style is beyond beautiful and will certainly make the simplest of holiday attire attain glamour worthy status. Perhaps even more alluring is realizing that even after the holidays are over you could wear any one of these styles to “pump up” your outfits year round. Don’t you love a little early holiday shopping especially when the person you’re shopping for is you?!

Maybe  “The third try is the charm” but in this case we can only keep our fingers crossed that there will be a fourth collaboration. Thank you J. Crew and Sophia Webster-it’s a collection straight from shoe heaven.

****For details on how to buy – contact a personal stylist at 800-261-7422 or direct people to:


Nicole Calf Hair Heels $510.00

Lola Pumps $320.00

Amma Pump $695.00

Nicole Heels $510.00


Eva T-Straps $595.00


Pippa Pump $620.00

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