Apr 25, 2014

Sophia Webster for J. Crew…

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Lola Kitten Heel $320.00

Finn Pump $595.00

O.K. Hold the presses …I am having a major shoe crush. There I was paging through the latest In Style magazine when BAM! I come across the most adorable shoes I have ever seen. (Well…relatively speaking the most adorable shoes that I have spotted in the last month).  They are designed by Sophia Webster. Who’s Sophia Webster? Have I missed a shoe memo? Well this is what happens when you’ve been out of the loop for 15 minutes. You miss important happenings like shoe designers who began their career as an assistant for designer  Nicholas Kirkwood and now have their own line of shoes (available online and at Nordstrom). It seems that our Ms. Sophia has been one busy bee and after leaving Mr. Kirkwood’s employ ventured out on her own to create Sophia Webster shoes  Now that you have a little background I need to get you up to speed which brings us to her most recent collaboration with J. Crew. I have no doubt that Jenna Lyons (Creative Director for J. Crew went bonkers over her designs-Jenna has been known to be a major shoe hoarder-I mean addict).

The line for J. Crew is comprised of  8 styles priced between $320.00 and $695.00. I know that’s a pretty penny to pay but think of it like ART, because Glamour Girl these pumps are pretty enough to display in a gallery (or at home on a shelf or under a clear glass case). Well played Sophia Webster.  

Nicole Pump $480.00

Pipa Pump $620.00 (already sold out)

To view all eight styles see Go To Glamour Girls Facebook page (icon at left) or click onto:


Riko Pumps $695.00

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