Mar 8, 2017

It’s Time to SUIT UP!

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Pantsuits are Baaack. Yep, you heard me ….that two piece wonder that you can pair with a bevy of other items is suddenly a major trend for spring and between you and I it’s updated and fabulous. Now when I say pantsuit you’re probably thinking of the pantsuit of yesterday-you know the plain jacket with a one or two button closure, coupled with a pant or very plain skirt. Well it’s a new day and that is  NOT the pantsuit of today. This wardrobe staple has evolved and we are talking sleek tailoring, options galore when it come to color, and best of all it’s soooo not boring. Here are a few looks to get you inspired! It’s time to SUIT UP!

one great suit

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pantsuit white

paintsuit 2

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