Mar 20, 2021

Hello First Day of Spring & Scarf Styling….

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Hello Spring…We thought you’d never get here! When you live in a colder climate, the first day of Spring is not only something you long for but something that doesn’t seem to come fast enough as the Winter months seem to linger on and on and on.

One this first day of Spring it is OFFICAL (as far as the calendar is concerned), and although  the weather temperature outside hasn’t got the memo from the calendar that it is actually SPRING it allows us to anticipate that YES in fact  the onset of warmer, sunnier and longer hours of daylight are ahead! Triple YAY!

Just to get you in the mood for Spring and inspire you that brighter days along with a mroe vibrant color palette are ahead…I thought you might enjoy a selection of brightly colored outfits (inspired by the tulip colors above) with some major scarf styling.

Drape it over your Coat for a SPLASH of color!

Scarves. Yes, you heard me, the scarf never goes out of style and gives you a plethora of way to wear it!

A bold pop of color when draped Over one shoulder…..

Drape softly around your neck

Drape and cinch it  in with a belt at the waist…

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Mar 19, 2020

Fashionable Flowers to Celebrate the First Day of Spring!

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Dior Show 2012

Raf Simons first collection for Dior Fall Winter *Garden Couture.



How are we all doing today? Are you sticking to a routine? Getting some fresh air? Finding things to do that bring a bit of joy to your life? I hope so.

I’m well aware that this  whole business of self quarantine, social distancing and 24/7  news reporting on the corona virus is NOT helping anyone lift their spirits.In fact, I find that ALL of the above – do the exact opposite. After listening to  the endless reporting on all news  sources concerning the Corona Virus,  I have decided to take a complete day away from any sort of news. Period..

That being said,I would like to  wish you a Happy FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

What better way to start the day than with some pretty petals styled so fashionably.

From me to you… I hope  and pray that you are having a beauuutiful day and take a moment to smell the roses( or petals of any sort-tulips, orchids, daffodils-I think you get the picture-breath in some beauty) … I encourage to get out of the house(if only for a moment)  and have a change of scenery to breath in some pretty greenery. …

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Mar 20, 2016

Hello Spring

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Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of the

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Mar 23, 2014

Flat Out Fabulous…

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Lovingg.g.g.g. these fabulous Murphey Leather Flats by Steve Madden for Spring. So soft and supple on your feet and available in a pretty palette of colors. If that isn’t reason enough to like these flats then the price should send you skipping  (wait for it) $59.95. Yes you are reading that right…



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Mar 17, 2014

In the Trenches with Banana Republic….

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Flared Trench $225.00

Spring officially starts in  4 days and as we all know Spring “usually” brings with it the chance of showers…( unless you live in California ,where we are smack dab in the middle of one of the worst draughts in history) but back to the Spring showers. With rain on the way you might find yourself in need of a fabulous trench coat and here is where I can help. There I was just popping into my nearest Banana Republic on Sunday and whah-lah I spotted the perfect little trench.

Can we say ADOORABLE! Trust me it is  soooo cute on! If you need a few more options from Banana Republic  might I suggest:

Leopard Print Short Trench $175.00


Gingham Trench $175.00

New Classic Trench $225.00

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Mar 12, 2014

Set up for Spring….

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Jan 23, 2011

Fresh Start!

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Isn’t nice to know that you can make a “fresh start” at anytime that you choose.  If there is something you want to change…or do…or become… it can begin with a simple thought,  that brings about an action toward your desired goal. On this beautiful Sunday, give yourself a fresh start to the week ahead.  

***Pictures of the Beautiful Nicole Kidman courtesy of Bazaar Magazine/Feb. 2011/photographer: Alex Lubomirski

Don’t Look Back…

Enjoy the Moment!

Be grateful for all that is beautiful in your life.

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