Nov 3, 2017

Bling with Everything

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Image courtesy of Elle Decor

Who ever said that Bling looks good with EVERYTHING..was totally right! Oh wait a minute I think it was I who said that! Truth be told I love bling and that should be no surprise if you read my blog-there’s a whole lot of sparkle going on and I am guilty as charged when it comes to putting on a statement necklace to elevate an outfit. Well there is that or if per chance you have to bring in a plane for landing. Te-he. A great statement piece looks beauuutiful paired with a simple tshirt or the most elegant dress in your wardrobe. So if you’re in need of putting a little pep in your step or simply want to break out of the habit of storing your beautiful necklaces for a special occasion consider wearing your pretty pieces on a daily rotation. Here are a few suggestions to get your statement pieces out of storage and into your wardrobe.

Elevate a basic tshirt. Image courtesy of

Doll up denim! Image courtesy of Sold out click on site for additional options.

The perfect finishing touch for your ensemble.

Click on image for original source and website info
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Oct 11, 2017

Make A Statement

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Image courtesy of Netrobe FB Page

Sometimes all you need to elevate an outfit is one “simple” statement piece.

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Aug 3, 2015 where less is really MORE!

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I don’t know about you but I am  totally obsessed with a great statement necklace. Let’s face it when you have that one great statement piece you can pair it with anything-and I do mean anything: think t-shirt and jeans, summer crop top and skirt, little black dress or a well cut blazer /moto jacket or sweater -just add that statement necklace and faster than you can say “close that clasp” your outfit has gone from ho-hum to YUM! Now you’re probably thinking… “I love a good statement necklace but they can cost a fortune.” With price points ranging from the cost of a cup of coffee to a car payment the statement necklace can really put a dent in your budget but don’t you worry because I just happen to have a fabu tip for you when it comes to affordable statement pieces at a very and I do mean very affordable price. For under $10.00 at you can find some pretty spectacular statement necklaces that will amp up the style quotient on any outfit.

zaful blue 1

Candy Color Geometric Spelicing Openwork Necklace Originally: $7.32 On Sale: $5.72 Link: Click on picture

For the Glam Girl that can’t get enough jazzy jewels might I suggest this beautiful Candy Color  Geometric Spelicing Openwork necklace (see above).  Set in a blazing blue with gold tone backing it will be the perfect accent when pairing with a simple summer sheath, pretty checked top (very on trend this summer) or  denim crop. In a word -Gorgeous!

black statement

Bead Embellished Necklace Originally $11.61 Sale price: $6.42 Link: Click on picture

If your looking for some major cascading jewel detail this Bead Embellished Necklace by should do the trick. The jet black beads  are intricately woven within the lace detailing and you don’t even need a clasp for closure because  a silky tie at the nap of the neck keeps it all in place.  Priced perfectly at $11.61 and on sale at for $6.42. Pair it with a simple tee or go all out with a sequin top (as shown in photo). It’s your “not so basic black” so you knowwwww it will pair well with anything. All I can say is-double love!

Multi Layered Necklace  Originally $6.70 Sale: $5.23

Multi Layered Necklace
Originally $6.70 Sale: $5.23 Link: Click on picture

Last but not least the Multi Layered Necklace that can go from tribal to biker chic. Available in a bevy of beautiful colors: black, red, blue, deep blue and off white all adding up to be the perfect pop of color for any outfit.

So there you go- 3 fabulous finds for under $10.00 a piece. Proof positive that at -Less is really MORE!

Check out today and save.

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Dec 9, 2014

Holiday Statements…

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Nothing but nothing perks up an outfit more than a statement necklace. You can go simple and understated with your ensemble and take it up about a hundred notches with a “simple” (did I say simple?) statement necklace. All the items I have featured are under $100.00 and available at Nordstrom. Happy Holidays!

nordstrom necklaces

nordstrom tasha crystal collar necklace 72

Tasha Crystal Collar Necklace $72.00


Tasha Sparkling Web Collar $58.00

Tasha Sparkling Web Collar $58.00

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Dec 18, 2012

Statement Necklace….

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Apr 13, 2012

Make a Statement

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Repeat after me:

“You don’t have to spend big bucks to look luxe.” 

The statement necklace-which has been a major trend for the last few season’s is available at every  price point.  Be it high, low or mid-range-you can be make a statment at whichever range you choose to go.  


Kate Spade Statement Necklace @ Bloomingdale’ $248.00 

Turquoise  Statement Necklace $94.00 @

Lemon Drop Statement Necklace @ $34.00

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Nov 7, 2011

Monday’s Statement….

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 Bronze Braided Necklace $75.00

Every Glamour Girl loves to make a statement …. And if per chance that statement can be purchased at a very reasonable price and look like a million bucks …all the better.

Low and behold I came across a fantastic website that will fit the bill. Rich Rocks NYC, is the website filled with gorgeous statement necklaces, earring, bracelets and assorted sundry other items that you will adore! Celebrities are scooping up these gems like hotcakes and now you can too. 

Click onto: and BE-DAZZLED! 


Limited Edition Jetset Necklace $75.00 

Kathie Lee Gifford wearing Jetset Necklace on the TODAY show.

Jetset Multitoned Hammered  CIrcle Chain $75.00

 Oversized Faceted Smoky Stone Necklace $150.00

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