Aug 16, 2010

Sterling Cooper Clearance Sale.

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Calling All Mad Men Devotees!

Are you longing  to purchase a beautiful vintage gown worn by Betty Draper, or perhaps snag a 60’s retro couch, or maybe land a walk-on in Season 5 of Mad Men? No your not dreaming,it’s possible and charitable to boot! Mad Men and eBay have joined forces to auction off numerous items from the set of Mad Men Season(s) 1-3, including  3 gorgeous vintage outfits  for the benefit of medical research, treatment and training for the City of Hope Cancer Center. Just click onto this link:

and put in your bid. The auction closes Sunday so keep your Pay-pal account current, focus on the bidding and have your finger poised to click. All in the name of charity!  

Betty Draper Dress current bid: $415.00

Joan Harris Dress current bid:$810.00

Bobby Barret Dress current bid:$530.26

Mad Men Walk on Role on Season 5 current bid:$15,600.00

Sterling Cooper Couch current bid: $910.00

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