Jan 22, 2020

3 pick me Ups & a Motivational Memo…

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Were you aware that this past Monday was deemed Blue Monday?  Who knew???? I had no idea. Supposedly, the 3rd Monday of the New Year is the saddest day of the year (deemed Blue Monday) apparently due to these three factors sussed out by “the Experts”  1. the holidays are over, 2. the weather is brutal (read into that cold and dreary) 3. Anddd holiday debt is creeping in on your credit card statements.
In an effort to lighten your week and put some “Spring” into your step I have come up with three easy peasy and low cost “pick me ups” that I hope will brighten your day and beautify your surroundings.
As an extra bonus I’ve also included my mid- week moment of motivation just to top things off.
I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday and that you totally dodged the dreaded Blue Monday.
Happy Wednesday!

  1.  Bring that Sterling OUT of  Storage & Display away! Unpack all those stored pieces of sterling and use them in creative ways around your home.

2.Buy a Bouquet Today... Flowers are always a good idea. You can pick up a bunch of your favorite  flowers at any grocery store and display them in any room of your home. So pretty and affordable.

3. Pretty up your Pantry.  I  recently organized and updated the pantries below for clients. Containers were purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond and (wait for it … The 99 cent store). I then found fun labels at my local craft store and Whah- lah-instant and might I add well organized pretty pantry.

and a little mid week memo of motivation…

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