Apr 4, 2017

How to Sport Stripes…

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stripes body There’s a bevy of stripes happening for Spring 2017. Stripes are popping up on dresses, tops, pants, shoes, bags-you get the picture-pretty much EVERYTHING. Stripes can be super slimming when worn the right way but pick the wrong stripe and you may end up looking 10 pounds heavier and I have NEVER met a woman on this planet that wants that! Here are some simple stripe rules to remember:..

Remember thin stripes have a SLIMMING effect.

stripe dress

Photo courtesy of Alexis/Moda Operandi

stripes top

Image Courtesy of ArtSymphony

Wide stripes and horizontal stripes make an area appear the same aka wider/larger.

Image Courtesy of Vogue.com

Image Courtesy of Vogue.com

stripes outfit

Image Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar.com

Stripes that swirl around the body keep the eye moving and depending on the drape of the fabric can be  slimming and uber chic.

stripe skirt wrap

Image Courtesy of Donna Karan Resort 2017

When in doubt and you need a pop of print try sporting a stripe printed bag or shoe.

Image Courtesy of Vogue.com

Image Courtesy of Vogue.com

revolve open toe heel 656

Open Toe Heel No. 21 courtesy of Revolve.com


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Jun 10, 2014

Stripe Story…

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Any which way you wear it-Stripes are sensational. 

Image courtesy of Zara.com

 Fashion Tip: Mix stripes with other patterns or solids in the same color palette.

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Jun 19, 2013

Stripe Story

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Aqua Maxi $88.00
Wide horizontal stripes make you look larger/wider.

Stripes are so.o.o.o in this summer. These multiple line graphics are fun to wear but a Glamour Girl must be careful when donning this trend because if you pick the wrong stripe story for your figure type it can go so.o.o wrong instead of so right..Here are a few tips to help you sort it all out…

1. Wide stripes will make you look the same WIDE!

2. Vertical stripes are so slimming

3.  A mix of large and small horizontal stripes will make the area with small stripes recede and accentuate the area with large stripes.

(All  photos courtesy of Bloomingdale’s.com)

Ralph Lauren $144.00
Slanted stripes keep the eye moving and add instant curves

Calvin Klein Maxi $108.00
Variable Stripe patterns make you appear taller & slimmer

French Connection $98.00
Thin stripes on the side vents make you appear smaller.

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Feb 3, 2013

All Lined Up!

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Stripes are Big-REALLY big for Spring 2013. You will see stripes on numerous fashion items…shoes,clothing,watches, handbags..(you get the picture). Now here’s a little hint about this multiple line wonder  when it comes to apparel: the wider the stripe …the wider you look…choose accordingly.

Kate Spade Metro Watch $175.00

Striped Ballerina Shoes $195.00 by Repetto

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Apr 24, 2012

Striped Sense

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Nicole Miller striped Jersey Midi dress $275.00

Stripes are BIG this season. These “one line wonders” can go from good to bad if the stripe is to bold or  to wide on the wrong area of your body.   So. how does a Glamour Girl choose a stripe wisely? Look no further than Nicole Miller. She’s one designer that always knows how to flatter a woman’s curves.   The two striped dresses (pictured here and available at Nordstrom) are  from her latest Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The size of the stripe along with the vibrant color combos are proof positive that indeed Nicole Miller has “Striped Sense.”   

Nicole Miller short sleeve diagonal stripe dress $320.00


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Jan 25, 2012

Chair Envy…

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Jun 30, 2011

Stripe Sense…

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“Stripes can be friend or foe depending on how the lines go.”

That being said I thought it might be a nice gesture to “review” if ever so briefly some stripe style rules.

Rule number one: Horizontal Stripes make an area appear larger and or /wider

Rule number two: Vertical Stripes make you appear longer/ taller thinner.

Rule number three: Thin stripes make you appear thinner. Thick stripes make you appear thicker. How easy is that to remember!

                                                               Thin stripes..Slimming and chic.


 Wider stirpes make an area appear larger/great for the bust .If your bottom heavy …not the way to go.

Stripes on a diagnal-the most slimming way to go.

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Apr 6, 2011

Stripes for You…Let’s Review!

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress $628.00 model Patricia Van der Vliet (US April Bazaar 2011)

Stripes are big for Spring 2011.The key to wearing a garment with stripes is to make sure the bold lines are going in the direction that looks best on you. S.o.o.o.o. Let’s review! 

Above we see a dress with wide horizontal  graduated stripes. The reason(s) this looks so fabu is: a) the model is 98 pounds and about 5’11” tall so everything looks good on her. b) the dress is constructed in a fluid fabric that drapes and has movement c) the stripes although they are horizontal  (which  P.S. usually make a woman appear wider than a school bus with an orange cone behind  it )actually gives the illusion of looking smaller due to the width of the stripes going from small to large /top to bottom on the dress.  (*Styling note: It goes without saying that if you have a dress with this much volumne in the skirt,wearing a higher heel is key!Think 3 inch and beyond!)


Trina Turk "Secret" Jaquard Dress $348.00

This Trina Turk dress is a study in how stripes can accent a figure. The deep V-neck and corresponding vertical trim elongate the upper body whereas the stripes on the skirt are a combination of thin and thicker stripes in alternating colors Remember horizontal lines make an area appear wider and vertical  lines give the illusion of longer and thinner. Bear in mind when you are looking to accent your best features.    

Warehouse Silk Paradise Stripe Maxi Dress $179.00 @asos.com

O.K. LOVE this dress… (just had to get that out of my system). Now here my lovely Glamour Girls is a dress that has a combo of slanted and vertical, thin and wide stripes. It is the go-to-gown for looking thinner and stylish. A total win-win. Priced at a easy breezy $179.00 .  


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Mar 31, 2009

“Getting Horizontal”-(and nobody gets pregnant)

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I have always associated stripes with the fourth of July! This season the fashion industry can’t get enough of these horizontal wonders. Every color, shape and size of stripe is being offered. Let’s face it- not everyone would or should wear stripes especially if the stripes are stretched across a more than ample breast waist, hip or bottom aka booty-thank you Beyonce’. Remember that stripes make an area appear LARGER and unless you want to look like you have a chest the size of the Grand Canyon or you prefer an orange cone placed behind you when you back up-make note-you must choose your stripe wisely! To that end I want to highlight a few of my favorite “stripes of the season.” See if any of these fashions resonate with you or at the very least make you long for a hot dog, corn on the cob or the sound of fireworks.

Michael Kors Striped Top

Michael Kors Cashmere Tie Dye Top

Angie Harmon in Chanel

Angie Harmon in Chanel

J. Lo in Striped SIlk

JLo in Striped SIlk

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