Nov 13, 2014

Style Crush

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Lately I’ve had Oscar on my mind. Perhaps it’s because the start of awards season is at hand which as we all know culminates with the Oscars, or maybe it’s because Oscar de la Renta was finally laid to rest last week or maybe just maybe it’s because I am obsessed with  the style of Oscar PR Girl Erika Bearman. Having worked for Oscar de la Renta all these many years how could one not look sophisticated, stylish and downright fabulous every minute. I truly adore everything she wears. It’s sleek, classic but with a bit of a feminine edge. I have to admit… it’s style stalking at the highest level. If you want to follow Erika on her tumblr and other social media (which P.S. I would HIGHLY recommend) click onto 


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