Jan 4, 2012

Style File…

Posted By: Terri
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If this is the year that you want to solidify your style, have a wardrobe that is more cohesive or just zero in on having a look all your own, might I suggest the use of an inspiration board to help you reach you goal to a new and improved “stylish” you. There is nothing better (not to mention easier and affordable) than cutting out fashionable images to inspire and motivate you. Here are a few examples of vision boards that you may want to emulate. You may choose to use an entire wall (if you have oodles of inspiration and the room to spare) or it can be something as simple as putting images in a binder and keeping it close at hand to help you reach your improved image goals.  

Top Image coutesy of Snippet and Ink Blogspot
Second Image: Courteys of House Beautiful
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