Oct 18, 2012

Rachel Zoe Style Update….

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Rachel Zoe has been very busy. She has a new shape-wear line with Jockey that just rolled out this week, another season of the Rachel Zoe Project airing soon on Bravo, a new comedy being written about her life to go to network and if that wasn’t enough her line of clothing and accessories continues to expand.  S.o.o what’s a girl to wear when she’s busy 24/7?  You really don’t think she’s running around in yoga gear? I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of the ensembles she wore to Fashion Week (P.S. all  of the outfits were from her latest Collection..by the way) and one of my favorite photos taken this week at  Elle’s Women in Hollywood ..  In reviewing her clothing choices one can learn allot about how to look sleek and stylish. 

1.   Rachels often opts for really simple silouettes. Clean lines accented with just the perfect shoe and accessories

2. Rachel wears allot of black-it gives you oodles of options…and we all know how much Rachel likes OPTIONS.

3. Have your clothing tailored to fit. Rachel is VERY tiny and chances are she has to have her clothes taken in but nothing says style more than an outfit that fits you to perfection.

4. Invest in one great handbag-note how many times Rachel has the same handbag in these photos.

5. Rachel is petite and clothes could overwhelm her figure hence she wears the clothes and they don’t wear her-keep it simple and you will always be the star of your  own show.

6. Elongate your line-too appear taller wear :a)Higher heels  or b) monochromatic outfits?

     Answer: BOTH! 

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