Apr 8, 2019

Red Alert

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

If you need to put a little “pep in your step” might I suggest selecting a red suit to add to your wardrobe. Here’s a little fun fact:Studies show that red is a universally flattering color. Translation-red looks good on everyone! . Red is such a vibrant color and will absolutely brighten your outlook and your appearance.

Opt for a red suit that flatters your body and fits you to a T. Speaking of T-check out the images enclosed and note how a plain simple solid t shirt/or cami can be the perfect finishing touch paired with some pretty spectacular heels. Done and done.

If you’re looking for some affordable and stylish red suiting options here are two that would look so good on you. Options are under $100.00

Misguided Military Blazer at ASOS $67.00
Suiting Available at H & M
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