Jan 14, 2011

Victoria’s Motivational Secret!

Posted By: Terri
Category: Humor

I came home late last night after a long week of travel to find in my mailbox…The Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog.  That sweet Victoria is such a giver….always motivating us to “be and do” better than before.  Why else  would she think to send out the swimsuit catalog a mere 3 weeks after Christmas with all our holiday happiness still lingering somewhere between our waist and upper thighs not to mention it’s like 10 degrees with record snowfall in 90 per cent of the country. But alas Victoria is sending us love and best wishes  along with  several  swimsuit selections for those warm summer days ahead. Oh..Vicky..you are ever so thoughtful!

P.S. In the meantime I have seemed to uncover Victoria’s workout regime- It’s all about the Push up…. (As in bra).

VS Push up Halter Tankini $48.00
VS Push Up Paisley Halter Top
VS Push Up Bandeau Top $38.00

VS Carmen Marc Valvo Retro One Pc. $167.00

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