May 7, 2017

Lovely Lace

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Once upon a time lace was only reserved for wedding wear aka bridal gowns. But that was long ago and today is a whole different story. Lovely  lace and ruffles in particular have made a major comeback this summer and the look can be frilly, feminine and modern. The thrill of the frill can be purchased at all price points and if you have a stash of cash might I suggest perusing the collection from or if you don’t want to break the bank I have a few suggestions…just scroll down and click the pic to be sent to the source. Enjoy!

zimmerman ruffles

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Zimmerman Collection S/S 2017


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And..for some super affordable options might I suggest:

Lulu' Maxi Dress $96.00

Lulu’ Maxi Dress $96.00

white lace nord

Bardot Halter/ $119.00

Boston Proper Lace Maxi $169.00

Boston Proper Lace Maxi $169.00

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