Jun 10, 2013

To Top it Off…

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

Helmut Lang Blazer $460.00

You wouldn’t think there’s a need to top off you look with a jacket during the sizzling summer months BUT there is this little thing called air conditioning that will make any Glamour Girl clamour for a well appointed jacket to complete her ensemble and to keep you warm. I know it sounds  kinda crazy when it’ s 92 degrees outside but inside your freezing because “someone” has set the temperature to 68 degrees.   I highly recommend having a few great blazers/jackets in your wardrobe to toss on when the need arises.And you and I both know that the need will definitely arise… Enjoy!

Rebecca Minkoff Jacket…Becky $368.00

French Connection Faux Leather Jacket $198.00

Rachel Zoe Jacket $375.00


Michael Kors Stretch Cotton Blazer $140.00

 All Jackets courtesy of Bloomingdales.com

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