Jun 13, 2011

Fashionable “On-Air” Solutions.

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

There you are attending a lovely evening at the: insert summer indoor seated function-theater, restaurant, concert... dressed in one of your favorite summer outfits that you’ve probably been waiting to wear since January. Before you get comfortable in your “assigned seat” you are hit by a BLAST of Arctic air from the overhead AC system. That is exactly what happened to me last night as I was attending the theater. I am here to tell you dear Glamour Girl, that everyone seated at this very upscale event found themselves frozen to the bone and rubbing their hands for warmth. At intermission they were doling out BLANKETS. HELLO!!! Can anyone reset the AC dial? Crank up the HEAT a notch or two or three???I am here to gently suggest that during your summer schedule of indoor social events it’s best to bring with you a little something to keep you warm. I highly recommend a lightweight scarf/shawl/wrap, made of cotton, cashmere or silk. Here are a few options below to keep you unfrozen and fashionable.


Tissue Weight Cashmere Wrap @Nordstrom.com $98.00


Lavish Lily Wrap @Chico’s .com $69.00

Aztex Print Scarf @ Ann Taylor $78.00

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