Jul 10, 2019

Go with the Flow(ing) Top

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There seems to be a lovely flow as of late, when it comes to Summer tops. I’ve noticed a plethora of long flowing tops over a tailored or cropped pant. The look is so chic and might I add slimming when mindful of 2 simple style rules.

1.No matter how long or flowing the top, pair it with a tapered or form fitting pant.

2. Wear heels to elevate any and every look. Heel height need not be sky high- a simple 2 inch heel or wedge can work wonders.

Follow these two simple rules and you will look long, lean and oh so tres’ chic.

V Collar Long Shirt $91.09 on sale $25.87 @undeau.com
BCBG Long Vest $398.00
Image Courtesy of Lisa Perry
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May 22, 2017

Fit to a Tee

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If you haven’t taken note lately of the sudden reemergence of the logo tee  be forewarned it’s BACKKKKKKK and in a BIG way. Logo tee’s are being sported with everything including upscale skirting (think any and all designer brands even Chanel and YES you are reading that right-see exhibit A which would be the first photo posted  below with fringe).

Should you want to get on the logo tee band wagon and really make this look work here are a few tried and true rules for looking stylish.

Your logo tee should fit. Period. End of Story.  Think sleek and chic. Check that the shoulder seams hit your proportion perfectly and please I beg you no baggy tee’s worn to “cover up” a problem area because the problem with THAT idea is it only accentuates the problem. You want to look pulled together not pulled apart.

t shirt

Image source unknown via Pinterest

Dress your tee up or dress it down but the preference should be to tuck in the tails and look polished.

tee shirt

Image Courtesy of wachabuy.com

Two resources with some aaaadorable tee’s to consider are Shopbop.com and my latest fashion find for fashionable tee shirts that are so adorable and affordable is Eugoriashop.com ( most of their tee’s are $22.00 and they also do custom. orders. They run a tad baggy so just go down a size for a slim fit).

Image courtesy of Shopbop.com

Image courtesy of Shopbop.com CHRLDR Fashionista T-Shirt $72.00

Image Courtesy of  Eugoriashop.com

Image Courtesy of Eugoriashop.com


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Jul 13, 2016

Mid Week Memo

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Image courtesy of chiclook.com Tassel heels $45.99

Image courtesy of chiclook.com
Tassel heels $45.99

Oh Wednesday-mid week and I was thinking that  you just might need a little “pick me up.”  Found via Pinterest these adorabubble shoes from Chic Closet are only $45.99. They hit all the right notes:

Tassel Trend for summer…check

Super adorable with capris, jeans, shorts, maxi’s etc… check


Mid Week pic me up accomplished. Have a great day.


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