Apr 5, 2011

Mailbox Mayheim….

Posted By: Terri
Category: Fashion

It started as just another ordinary day when I walked to my mailbox and gathered my daily delivery. As I sorted through all the letters, flyers, assorted junk mail and magazines…I suddenly see something that literally stops me in my tracks…there it was: The Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog. Is it that time of year already? I run into my office and check my calendar. Yep… it’s April. With one flip of the calendar page and less than 30 days away, we have the month of MAY! We all know what May means don’t we? Sunny summer days,strappy sandals and the start of SWIMSUIT season. 

The VS swimsuit catalog is chock full of one gorgeous supermodel after another, lounging on the beach in the teeniest of bikinis. What is a Glamour Girl to do when you feel less than super about swimsuit season? Well… first of all remember that the average VS model is approxiimately  18 years old and a grand prize winner in the gene pool of life. She is one of THOSE girls that can eat ANYTHING and never gain a pound. Also keep in mind the never ending use of Photoshop and lighting. Finally, remember that after you take all the Pilates, Cardio barre, swimming and yoga classes in preparation of the season ahead…take note that there is something in the catalog that you are in absolute “tip top shape” to order right now.. .the wonderful wedge!


Two Lips Wedge Sandal $89.00 www.victoriassecret.com

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